Supartha Podder

(Name pronunciation: Su-per-tho Pod-dar, he/him)

About me

I am doing my 2nd postdoc with Anne Broadbent at the University of Ottawa in Ottawa, Canada. Previously, I was a postdoc with Scott Aaronson at UT Austin in Austin, TX, United States. I received my PhD in computer science from the Centre for Quantum Technologies, National University of Singapore in Singapore, under the supervision of Hartmut Klauck.

Before coming to CQT I obtained my MPRI (Parisian Master of Research in Computer Science) from École Normale Supérieure de Cachan (ENS de Cachan) in Paris, France. My Master thesis advisor was Iordanis Kerenidis. Even before that, I was at Chennai Mathematical Institute (CMI) in Chennai, India. There, my thesis advisor was Meena Mahajan.

Announcement: I will be joining the Department of Computer Science at Stony Brook University, New York as an Assistant Professor in Fall 2021.

Research Interests

Quantum computing, Complexity theory, Quantum cryptography, Analysis of Boolean functions.


Secure Software Leasing Without Assumptions.

Anne Broadbent, Stacey Jeffery, Sébastien Lord, Supartha Podder and Aarthi Sundaram

Presented at the 24th Annual Conference on Quantum Information Processing (QIP 2021)

To appear in the nineteenth Theory of Cryptography Conference (TCC 2021)

arxiv:2101.12739 | Presentation by Stacey Jeffery

Symmetries, graph properties, and quantum speedups.

Shalev Ben-David, Andrew M. Childs, András Gilyén, William Kretschmer, Supartha Podder, Daochen Wang

61st Annual Symposium of Foundations of Computer Science (FOCS 2020)

Presented at the 24th Annual Conference on Quantum Information Processing (QIP 2021)

arxiv:2006.12760 | FOCS talk | Video from a talk at PI

Communication memento: Memoryless communication complexity.

Srinivasan Arunachalam, Supartha Podder

12th Innovations in Theoretical Computer Science (ITCS 2021)

arxiv:2005.04068 | ITCS talk

How symmetric is too symmetric for large quantum speedups?

Shalev Ben-David, Supartha Podder

This work is subsumed by the latest work: symmetries, graph properties, and quantum speedups arxiv:2006.12760


Exploring Different Models of Query Complexity and Communication Complexity.

Supartha Podder

Ph.D. thesis, Supervisor: Hartmut Klauck.

Link to the file

Graph properties in node-query setting: effect of symmetry-breaking.

Nikhil Balaji, Samir Datta, Raghav Kulkarni, Supartha Podder

41st International Symposium on Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science (MFCS 2016)


Quantum Query Complexity of Subgraph Isomorphism and Homomorphism.

Raghav Kulkarni, Supartha Podder

33rd International Symposium on Theoretical Aspects of Computer Science (STACS 2016)

Poster: The 19th Conference on Quantum Information Processing (QIP 2016)

Abstract | arxiv:1509.06361 | Other

New Bounds for the Garden-Hose Model.

Hartmut Klauck, Supartha Podder

34th International Conference on Foundation of Software Technology and Theoretical Computer Science, (FSTTCS 2014)

Abstract | arxiv:1412.4904 | Other

Two Results about Quantum Messages.

Hartmut Klauck, Supartha Podder

39th International Symposium on Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science 2014 (MFCS 2014)

Poster: The 18th Conference on Quantum Information Processing (QIP 2015)

Abstract | arxiv:1402.4312 | Other

Bounds For Classical And Quantum Communication Complexity.

Supartha Podder

MPRI Master Thesis, Supervisor: Iordanis Kerenidis.

Link to the file


Graduate course in Quantum computing (Spring 2022) at Stony Brook (Upcoming)

Intro. to Linear Algebra (Fall 2020) at University of Ottawa

Discrete Mathematics for Computing (Winter 2019) at University of Ottawa

Discrete Mathematics for Computing (Winter 2018) at University of Ottawa


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Phone: +1 (613) 562 5800 ext. 3498

Address: Department of Mathematics and Statistics,

University of Ottawa,

626, 150 Louis-Pasteur,

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I (along with my few old friends from my undergrad college) run a Charity Organization named AALO for helping underprivileged students in India. Write me an email or visit to if you wish to donate.